What we propose
For all the industry operators


Whether you work in the energy or industry sector, UAV systems can provide you with the capability to observe rapidly and target your maintenance operations. Our systems are perfectly suited for monitoring linear installations or equipment placed in out-of-reach areas. So you can:

  • Detect leaks and intrusions on pipelines and gas pipelines
  • Analyze the health of facilities in hard-to-reach areas
  • Evaluate the energy performance and weaknesses of the installations
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    Risk Prevention and Performance Management


    Linear fossil fuel transport facilities are often exposed to harsh environments, as well as to human degradation that can affect the safety of facilities and people. The use of DSDI's UAV systems enables oil & gas operators to monitor the state of their transportation facilities, target maintenance operations and control risks on their networks.

    To monitor the health of the structures


    When the installed facilities are in a hard-to-reach area, the use of airborne means saves time in planning and targeting maintenance operations. Thus the technical teams no longer need to move on site to see, but only to carry out the maintenance tasks.

    To optimize your returns or locate a failure


    The use of specific sensors such as MWIR or LWIR thermal imaging cameras, hyperspectral or UV cameras can be used to visualize performance markers or an identifier of system failures upstream. In fact, preventive or curative maintenance operations are facilitated. The sensors selected by DSDI enable us to position ourselves on the tasks of inspection of LV / MV power lines in difficult areas (ozone detection - corona effect), large-area photovoltaic park inspection, offshore wind farm inspection, ... etc.