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For all observers of the Earth


Geomatics is a vast field and encompasses many fields of application. The use of the drone in these applications is often synonymous with saving time or implementing innovative sensors to bring a new level of response to a problem. Below are some examples of the application of drone solutions to the resolution of common problems.

  • Topographic analyzes
  • Urban development
  • Improved crop efficiency
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    For all your environment mapping missions


    The use of the UAV in topographic applications saves time in harsh environments missions. The mapping operator can use photogrammetric means, or LIDAR according to the type of mapping sought and the restrained precision constraints. The drone will be an ideal tool for tracking coastlines over long distances, or for the mapping of banks or dykes, and in general for any application requiring to reach long ranges.

    A facilitating tool for your development mission


    Assistant of choice for the expert surveyor, the drones of DSDI allow to cover large surfaces. They are therefore well-suited to land-use planning or urban development planning missions, in particular in the context of the deployment of new road infrastructures or the analysis of the water management.

    To optimize your efficiency or identify problems


    DSDI drones can register on crop mapping missions to identify irrigation or plantation health issues on a large scale through hyperspectral data analysis. The drone tool is used in this case in addition to crop management solutions deployed on fields, in order to have reliable and frequently updated information.