What we propose
When safety is your priority


In the current social climate, the drone can play a decisive role in the management of security problems, which concern the goods or the people. Thus DSDI offers a range of payloads to answer your remote observation and analysis problems, allowing to answer the following questions:

  • Securing sensitive or strategic sites
  • Control of borders and flows of people
  • Fighting against poaching
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    Have a look where the cameras are not


    DSDI offers long-range observation solutions enabling an operator to monitor a site under construction or in the deployment phase and that do not yet have a functional monitoring system. Our drones can also be used in the deployment of temporary work areas or mobile camps, as it is sometimes the case in crisis management issues. They can then serve as a means of observation or temporary communication relays. Finally, the drones of DSDI are perfect for any mission of surveillance of linear ones such as borders, pipeline, perimeter of factory, etc...

    When security means flexibility


    Search and rescue missions can mobilize rescue teams in complicated, even dangerous situations. Whether the primary objective is to avoid endangering the lives of operators during search missions, or to cover a larger area by acquiring additional research capabilities, DSDI's large elongation drones make it possible to cover range of up to 30km, even in harsh weather conditions.

    Means up to a daily challenge


    Poaching is responsible for the disappearance of protected species, jeopardizing certain ecosystems, not to mention the endangering of rangers' lives , responsible for protecting these sites. DSDI's drones systems enable the targeting of ground teams through a long-range observation system to monitor human activity in a challenging environment.