Reliable solutions
You are looking for components for your own developments?

We offer you our technological bricks

Whether you're a UAV manufacturer who wants to upgrade to a professional level of hardware, or you're an integrator of complete solutions, we can provide you with all or part of the solution you need. These solutions can be based on open source or proprietary software.


Our open source autopilot solution is based on open source software such as Ardupilot © or PX4 Pro ©. It offers a logical base equipped natively with redundant control and telemetry communication modules, as well as an RTK module and two high-bandwidth IP communication ports.


Our rugged autopilot solution uses a proprietary software based on an ARM architecture. It has a set of I/O protections to isolate the operation of the autopilot from the rest of the platform. It meets the need for drones aiming at a high level of reliability and certification.